White Tea

What is White Tea?

The production processes for white tea actually is rather simple and nature.

Fresh leaf -> Oxidation -> Drying

However the most extraordinary exists behind the seemed orindary。 Tea trees is a evergreen plant which can be migrated if the weather permitted with suitable soil, production processes can be learned but none from the weather and microenvironment from the Nature can be copied. That’s why only few regions in China can produce good quality white tea but not in all tea regions in China.

The name of white tea links with the timing of picking in a year.

Ya Cha: Bai Hao Yin Zhen is knownn as premier quality in white tea, the quality grading has specific demands on using bud that coated with pekoe with one tender young leaf. Fresh leaves are picked only in the early Sprjng in March each year。

Ye Cha: White tea made from tea leaves from white tea trees, the names links with the picking time, i.e. Bai Mou Dan (1 bud with 2 leaves), Shou Mei (sometimes known as Gong Mei)

Brewing Methods

With white tea you can choose apart from cold or warm brewing, but also cooking method. You can choose any quality choice from white tea for cold and warm brewing, as to the cooking method, Shou Mei (Gong Mei) is more recommended.

When enjoying white tea, it reminds me as if I stood in the Nature to enjoy the blue sky white cloud above in the sky, the body and mind are easily relaxed by the ease and comforting energy; the only thought in mind is appreciation with respect by knowing we can’t bring a trace away but to leave fine memories behind.