White Tea

What is White Tea?

The production processes for white tea actually is rather simple and nature. However the most extraordinary exists behind the seemed orindary。 Tea trees can be migrated, production processes can be learned but none from the nature can be copied.

It’s just like when we enjoying the blue sky white cloud above in the sky,our enjoyment is limited by showing our appreciation with respect by knowing none of these can be migrated or copied the essence within each leaf.

白茶的制茶工艺很简单与自然, 但是最不简单的就存在于简单的后面. 茶树可以被移植,而大自然的奥妙却无法炮制。就有如天空里那些带不走的云彩一般, 唯一能做的就是发自内心的尊重的欣赏。

copyrighted Mei Lan Hsiao, Belgium Chinese Tea Association, Antwerp, Belgium

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